About Poongsan

General Information

Chairman & CEO Jin Ryu
Established Oct. 22, 1968


The fabricated non-ferrous metal division produces a full range of products from copper and copper alloy sheets, strips, rods, to processed copper products that it distributes from subsidiaries throughout Korea, the U.S., China, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

Importantly, Poongsan invests aggressively in R&D — which has helped lead to an increase in sales of value-added copper products such as thin plates, bimetals, and coin blanks. The Company also continues to form strategic partnerships with prominent global companies to develop a broader range of higher-quality products while also expanding its export markets.

Product offerings include:

  • copper and copper alloy sheets, strips, rods
  • leadframe materials
  • coin blanks, commemorative precious metal coin blanks
  • copper-based roofing material
  • stainless steel strips


Since the early 1970s, Poongsan has led the growth and dependability of Korea's defense industry and, in so doing, made significant contributions to the nation's self-reliance. The Company also enhanced the Korean Army's posture through mass production and localization of ammunition lines.

Producing a wide variety of military-purpose ammunition - from 5.56mm ammunition to eight-inch projectiles for Howitzers - Poongsan has earned a reputation the world over for quality. In fact, most of Poongsan's sporting and other commercial ammunition are exported to its global customer base.

  • military ammunition (small arms, anti-aircraft guns, mid-to large-size weaponry)
  • various sporting ammunition
  • propellant powder
  • ammunition parts
  • precision forging products


Years of accumulated experience and technology in the fabricated non-ferrous metal field enabled, Poongsan to begin offering new copper alloy materials for the semiconductor and electronic parts.

The Company began developing a new copper alloy, PMC 102, in the early 1980s, and has continued to make numerous semiconductor leadframes including PMC102M, PMC26, PMC90, and proprietary materials for connectors used in the electrical and electronic industries. Poongsan also produces and supplies its globally renowned C194 and C19210 to its international customer base.

  • connector parts for electric and electronic industries
  • multi-gauge copper strips
  • precision dies
  • gauges and tools
  • metal machinery and facilities