About Poongsan


Year Month Milestone
1968 October Poongsan Metal Corp. founded
1969 December Bupyung Plant completed
1970 April Poongsan designated as coin blank producer for the Mint of Korea
1973 March Angang Ammunition Plant completed
1980 July Onsan Plant Phase One completed
1982 July Dongrae Plant completed
1983 January Precision Dies Manufacturing Shop at Dongrae Plant completed
1985 August Leadframe Manufacturing Shop at Dongrae Plant completed
1988 October Onsan Plant Phase Two completed
1989 March Poongsan Metal Corp. renamed Poongsan Corporation
1992 April PMX Industries, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A. completed
1994 January Quality Standard Certificate ISO 9002 for copper & copper alloy products awarded
1996 December Quality Standard Certificate ISO 9002 for titanium tubes & stainless steel strips awarded
1997 December Poongsan Metal Plant in Dongguan, China completed
1999 December Quality Standard Certificate ISO 9001 & ISO 9002 for defense industry products awarded
2000 October Siam Poongsan Metal Co., Ltd. established in Thailand
2001 June PNT Corporation JV established in Ulsan
2001 December Poongsan (M) SDN BHD established in Johor, Malaysia
2002 January Poongsan (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established in China
2002 April Poongsan Japan Corp. established in Saitama, Japan
2002 July Poongsan America Corp. established in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
2003 December Environmental Standard Certificate ISO14001 awarded to Poongsan for its copper & copper alloy products
2004 March Acquisition of fuse and precision machinery parts maker Hyopchin Industrial Co., Ltd.
2004 May Poongsan Valinox Corporation JV established in Bupyung
2004 June Angang plant acquires international accreditation as certification and inspection body
2004 November Poongsan honored with Productivity Innovation Award at National Quality Management Convention
2005 April Hyopchin Industrial Co., Ltd. renamed Poongsan FNS Co., Ltd.
2005 October Onsan plant obtains KOSHA18001 (Occupational Safety and Health Management System)
2006 April Poongsan designated as the first environmentally friendly company among national nonferrous metals industries
2006 October Poongsan obtains patent for its Lead Free Brass Bars
2007 February Poongsan Metal Service Corporation established
2007 May Poongsan honored with Korean System Management Grand Prix Award at International System Certification Convention
2007 November Poongsan received Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at National Quality Management Competition
2007 November "$700 Million Export Tower" awarded on the 44th Annual Trade Day
2008 July Establishment of Poongsan Holdings Corporation
2008 December Poongsan honored with Korean Ministry of National Defense Award in recognition of its defense product exports
2009 December Poongsan honored with Defense Quality Managment Grand Prix Award
2010 December Poongsan Microtec Corp. was sold to a local IT company
2011 July Poongsan R&D Institute opened in Daejeon
2011 December Poongsan headquarters moved into the new Poongsan Building
2012 January Poongsan acquired Poongsan Hwadong
2012 July Poongsan(Lianyungang) Co., Ltd. established in China
2013 February Angang Plant obtains ISO27001 (Information Security Management System) and AS9100 (Aerospace Industry Quality Management System)
2013 June Angang Plant honored with Total Productive Management Grand Prix Award
2013 December PMC Ammunition Inc. established in Texas, USA
2014 May Ulsan Plant obtains ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive Industry Quality Management System)
2014 May Poongsan made an agreement with KAIST to found Future Technology Research Center
2015 Nov Angang Plant honored with a Presidential Award at National Quality Management Convention
2017 May Poongsan Valinox Corporation was renamed Poongsan Neotiss Co., Ltd. and moved to Pyeongtaek
2018 October Poongsan celebrated its 50th anniversary
2019 December Poongsan liquidated Poongsan Neotiss