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Message from Our Chairman & CEO on Compliance

Driven by our mission to contribute to human progress through our superior products, employment opportunities, and uncompromising service to our valued customers, Poongsan Group also strives to forge a higher global standard as a transparent, law-abiding, and ethical company.

At Poongsan, we clearly recognize that conducting business the "right" way is the only way to continue building relationships and earning the trust essential to competing for, and winning, a growing share in today's global markets. To achieve these strategic objectives, I am pleased to note we are constantly reviewing, updating and strengthening our Code of Ethics and compliance systems.

Poongsan strictly prohibits unethical behavior such as offering or receiving a bribe or other improper benefit, and going forward we will enforce a zero-tolerance policy for such conduct. Furthermore, Poongsan's management and employees shall not violate the relevant local laws or regulations governing corruption and business transactions.

Our Founder built this company and laid the foundation for its enduring growth through sheer strength of character. For nearly half a century, his example has served our customers and stakeholders very well - and to be clear, that sterling example continues to light the way forward. Striving for the highest ethical standards, and compliance with same, is a key element of our competitive edge today and always.

Based on such belief, I thank each of Poongsan's officers and employees and urge you to work together to make our dynamic company one in which we can continue to be proud.


Jin Ryu
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Poongsan Corporation